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About Treasured Memories

In the interest of serving our web visitors and our local families, East Palo Alto Today has created a remembrance section on its website to celebrate the lives of those in our community who are no longer with us.

On the left side of this page, in the List of names link, you will see pictures of those who are included in our memorial site. Click on any picture that you see and you will get information about that person's life and recent arrangements. Please feel free to leave a message as a lasting remembrance for the people who are included here.


You are also invited to submit the names of family members or friends who have passed on whom you would like to recognize on our memorial site. In adding a loved one or personal acquaintance to the site, you will leave a lasting legacy that will be dedicated to the person you are honoring.


We hope the remembrance pages on our memorial site will be an important reminder of some of the people, whom we no longer have with us, who have added immeasurably to our lives and to the life of the community. By creating and maintaining East Palo Alto Today's memorial website for Treasured Memories, we look forward to being of service to you and to others throughout the community.

Read more information about how you can Create a Memorable Legacy.​

Create a Memorable Legacy

Creating a remembrance page allows you, your friends and your family members to leave a memorable legacy in honor of a deceased friend or family member.

Not only does the remembrance page celebrate the life of the one who is no longer with us, but it provides information on that person's life, no matter how short or long, and it gives family and friends an opportunity to share with each other and the world important memories and thoughts about family members and friends.

If you would like to have a remembrance page on the East Palo Alto Today website, send a picture of the person to whom it will be dedicated, their name as you would like for it to appear, along with their birthdate, date of death, their bio and the final arrangements that were made to celebrate their life. This list will include, as appropriate, viewing arrangements, information about their funeral or memorial service and information about their burial or cremation.

For your convenience, please fill out and email the enclosed form in which the needed information can be provided. The form should be emailed to

List Your Services

If you have an appropriate service or product, then we would like to invite you to partner with East Palo Alto Today in offering needed services to the community. A listing of your products and services on our memorial site will enable those in our local communities to have the information that they will need to better celebrate the lives of their departed friends and loved ones.

If you own or are involved with any of the following businesses, you can promote your business on this site to assist those who will need some of the services listed below.

Chauffeur and Limousine services
Cremation and Burial services
Grief Counseling
(Other) Health Services
Legal Services
Meeting Room Facilities


If you are interested in promoting your business on this site, whether it is listed above or not, please contact us at


Become a Patron

It is very difficult for most people, in everyday life, to deal with death. But it is, especially, difficult to deal with it when one lives in a community where the residents witness or hear about the death of neighbors and family members frequently and on an unpredictable basis.

Many residents in the East Palo Alto and Belle Haven communities are subjected to crime, violence and death more frequently than the residents of adjacent communities. Living in these circumstances can take a mental and a physical toll.

So, in using East Palo Alto Today's memorial site Treasured Memories to honor departed friends and family members, we would like to especially provide mental, psychological and emotional support to those who are now left to grieve their absence. To this end, visitors to East Palo Alto Today's memorial website will find within this site resources and tools that will enable them and their families to cope with the life cycles which affect us all.

Since there is little that is done well and sustained without the support of friends, we would like to enlist your support by inviting you to partner with us to continue, expand and maintain East Palo Alto Today's Treasured Memories website. We invite your ideas and your donations.

Any monetary donation you can contribute is welcome. You can donate as an individual and/or support a legacy page in honor of a family member or friend. All donations should be made to the East Palo Alto Center for Community Media to support the work of the center in the community.

You can make your donation by clicking here and filling in your donor information. Specify that your donation is being made to support East Palo Alto Today's Treasured Memories website​​

If you would rather send a check or a money order, please make it payable to the:

East Palo Alto Center for Community Media
P.O. Box 50274
East Palo Alto, CA 94303

Any and all donations will be appreciated.

To send questions or ideas, contact us at

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