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Letter To Our Readers

Dear Readers,

In January 2024, East Palo Alto Today celebrated its eighteenth year and we are thrilled that it continues to grow and improve as it fulfills its mission to provide news and information to the East Palo Alto and Belle Haven communities. EPA Today is written and distributed by volunteers who are committed in their desire to provide news coverage to and about these two communities.  It is our long term goal to publish East Palo Alto Today as a biweekly, and as the readership, advertising and funding increase, we will publish the paper as a weekly. Currently, we distribute 8,000 copies of the paper throughout the East Palo Alto and Belle Haven communities.

The EPA Today web site exists to supplement the newspaper by providing online editions of each issue, along with news and information that is relevant to the paper's readers. We are in the process of revamping the EPA Today website. So, expect to see big changes made to the website soon.

We hope you will follow EPA Today on Facebook and Twitter, where you can log on and post your opinion about community, state and national issues. In the meantime, we'd also encourage you to participate in EPA Today's Online Blog, where you can also share your opinions about some of the ongoing issues which affect the community.


East Palo Alto Today represents a communication breakthrough for the East Palo Alto and Belle Haven communities. In order for East Palo Alto Today to fulfill its goals and thrive, we need your support. We would like to expand upon the very positive strides that we've already taken and a contribution from you will enable us to do just that.

Since EPA Today is published under the East Palo Alto Center for Community Media, an East Palo Alto nonprofit agency, you can make a donation directly to the center and it will go to support East Palo Alto Today and the center's other media programs. Your contribution will allow us to continue to bring our readers the real news taking place in this community. Paid staff will ensure that the paper will meet its publication goals.


We invite you to partner with us. Please print and fill out the attached partnership card. You can mail your contribution, making your check payable to the East Palo Alto Center for Community Media, P.O. Box 50274, East Palo Alto, CA 94303. Or, you can make your donation through our "Donation" link, which is located in the links to the left and also below. The East Palo Alto Center for Community Media received its 501c3 approval in June 2007. So, your donation will be tax-deductible. Any contribution you make will go a long way to enable us to make our dreams for East Palo Alto Today a complete reality.

      Henrietta J. Burroughs

      Executive Director


East Palo Alto Center for Community Media        

                East Palo Alto Center for Community Media
               P.O. Box 50274                           
               East Palo Alto, CA 94303
               (650) 407-4867

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