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Is there someone you know whom you would like to include in East Palo Alto Today's memorial site? Read this page to see how you can send his or her name, birthdate, date of death, a bio, service information and a photo to create a memorable legacy in their honor.



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Create a Memorable Legacy

Creating a remembrance page allows you, your friends and your family members to leave a memorable legacy in honor of a deceased friend or family member.

Not only does the remembrance page celebrate the life of the one who is no longer with us, but it provides information on that person's life, no matter how short or long, and it gives family and friends an opportunity to share with each other and the world important memories and thoughts about family members and friends.

If you would like to have a remembrance page on the East Palo Alto Today website, send a picture of the person to whom it will be dedicated, their name as you would like for it to appear, along with their birthdate, date of death, their bio and the final arrangements that were made to celebrate their life. This list will include, as appropriate, viewing arrangements, information about their funeral or memorial service and information about their burial or cremation.

For your convenience, please fill out and email the enclosed form in which the needed information can be provided. The form should be emailed to treasuredmemories@epatoday.org.







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