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Rev. Floyd Purdy

September 17, 1937 - November 26, 2016

Floyd James Purdy was born the middle child of nine children to Jesse J. and Mollie B. Purdy. His life began September 17, 1937 in Weona, Arkansas; and his eternal beginning was on November 26,2016 in San Jose, California. He received his early education in the public schools of Weona. He was a graduate of the George Washington Carver High School in Marked Tree, Arkansas, May 18, 1956. He entered the United States Air Force on June 5,1956 and served four [4] years, and was honor-

ably discharged June 6, 1960. Floyd and Annetta Jewel Rogers were united in Matrimony on March 26, 1957, and they are the proud parents of four [4] children: Floyd Jr., Karen D., Roland D., and Jonathan R. Staples, Buffalo, New York. Using his G.I. Bill to complete his education, Floyd received his A.B. degree in Sociology and Secondary Education, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His Seminary work was done at the University of Chicago Divinity School in

Chicago, Illinois, from which he received the M A. Degree, 1972. He received his C.P.E. Certificate from Deaconess Hospital in Milwaukee. He was a member of the College of Chaplains, and served as Chaplain for the Bureau of Federal Prisons and was a Hospital Chaplain in Milwaukee. In the1960s, he obeyed his call to be a preacher of the Gospel, at the Greater Galilee Baptist Church, the Late Dr. E.B. Phillips, Pastor. Dr. Phillips was recognized by Floyd as "Pops." He was ordained in 1966 to

full-time ministry, and served as a full-time Associate to Dr. Phillips. In 1970, he was called to Pastor the New Light Baptist Church of Milwaukee, and served there until 1978; and at that time, he was called to Pastor the St. John Baptist Church in East Palo Alto, California, on January 1, 1979. Secretary of the Board of Christian Education. Pastor Purdy was one who encouraged the young people of Faith to get a higher education. His mo-

tive was to assist young men and women to become the best, as they persued life's dreams. After serving as Pastor of the St. John Baptist Church for nearly for [4] years, Pastor Purdy became the founding Pastor of the Faith Missionary Baptist Church of Christ, at 432 Bell Street in East Palo Alto, California. This church purchased two [2] acres of land at the cost of $220,000.00 in 1986, and constructed a worship facility in 1993. The Church is lo-

cated at 835 Runnymede Street, East Palo Alto. Pastor Purdy was saved at the age of thirteen [13] years old in 1952, under the pastorate of the late Rev. Moses Williams at the St. John Missionary Baptist Church, of Marked Tree, Arkansas. Pastor Purdy dutifully served the Lord more than 65+ yeras. He always tried to be a source of encouragement to those suffering in the Gospel Ministry. He always said, "Brother if I can't help you; I certainly will not

ham you." He gave of himself and his resources for the betterment of the Kingdom of Our Lord. He would never close a sermon without "lifting up" the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ! He always said, "if you leave out what Christ did at Calvary; you simply did not preach the essence of the Gospel Story!" Pastor Purdy made great use of the Faith kitchen and used it often, and his kitchen at home. He was always hospitable to those who visited

him at the Purdy home or the Faith Church. He enjoyed cooking at the stove, and using the barbecue pit. The most of his family and church family had the privilege of enjoying his great cooking . He passes on his secret sauce recipe to his children. Reverend Purdy leaves to mourn his departure from this life, his wife, Annetta, of 59 years; his three sons: Floyd Jr., Roland D., and Jonathan R., one daughter, Karen D. (Alfred); his God daughters, : Ramona Gail and Tamara R.

Crouther; three brothers: Franklin D., Paul W., and Jesse S.; three sisters: Mary D., Amanda L., and Rosie M. He and Sister Purdy did not have any biological grandchildren, but they adopted "the children of Faith". Tandera J. Thysell, ("Tang"), was the eldest of the adopted grandchildren. He further leaves a host of cousins, nephews, and nieces. In addition, he leaves the beloved Faith Church membership and many friends.

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