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Raphael Miranda

October 24, 1948 - October 13, 2012

Raphael Miranda October 24, 1948 - October 13, 2012

Raphael Miranda was a very enthusiastic, positive, hard-working, and giving person. He always tried to help others to make their lives better and happier. He was also a dreamer but was able to accomplish many of his dreams by preparing himself in the fields he was interested in doing.

In his late years, he was diagnosed with diabetes and became more health conscious and tried to spread the word to others to help improve people's health. One of his dreams was to become a chef and began training so he could start working in that field for which he did during his last years.

He also loved to produce community television and became very active and involved in the production of several TV shows. He was very active in the production of “Frente Unido,” a TV show that promoted art, culture, and important health or political information for the Hispanic and Latino community in the Bay area.

Raphael Miranda was an avid and quick learner and an eager reader. He was also very dedicated to his family and was one of the youngest brothers who always look after the elder sisters. He gave comforting words to the elder and encouraging words to the young. He was also kind and generous person that will always be remembered by those who met him, loved him, and cared about him.

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