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Preparing for the coming storm

National Weather Service -

San Mateo County and other local municipalities are preparing for a major storm to hit the San Francisco Bay Area today.

The National Weather Service predicts a flood watch for Wednesday, January 31 and Thursday, February 1, 2024 for the Bay Area and the Central Coast. Area residents are warned to expect their city's creeks, rivers and streams to rise significantly and water to begin ponding on roadways and in other low-lying areas.

In anticipation of the storm, East Palo Alto's Mayor Antonio Lopez issued a statement informing city resident that they had access to sandbags and shovels at 150 Tara Road at all times of the day and night, that the city had reserves in the amount of $300,000 to use "for emergency storm response, focusing on storm drainage improvement, debris removal, and pumping services."

The mayor said that the the city is actively monitoring weather reports and sending online messages through Constant Contact to residents, "as well as placing our community services team on standby for residents who may need additional assistance."

He encouraged residents to enroll in the SMC Emergency Alert system to stay informed about urgent or emergency situations.

Both city and county residents can find additional storm preparedness information on the San Mateo County Flooding Preparedness and Response page and get additional steps to take.


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