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From left, Ravenswood City School Board candidates: John (Jaribu) Bostic, Heliena Walton, Saree Mading and television show host Henrietta J. Burroughs

TV interview with Ravenswood City School Board Candidates

What will three of the candidates for the Ravenswood City School Board do to improve East Palo Alto schools if they are elected? Watch the next "Talking with Henrietta" on Channel 27. The show airs several times a week beginning Thursday, October 5. It can be seen on Sundays@ 5 pm, Mondays@8am, Thursdays@8 pm, Fridays@noon and Saturdays@1:30 pm. See a live Webcast of the show at www.communitymediacenter.net at these same times and days.

The East Palo Alto Candidates Forum which was taped on September 30, 2006 can be seen at the following times:

EPA City Council Candidates -
10/10 @ 9pm
10/11 @ 1pm
10/19 @ 11:30am
Candidates for the Ravenswood City School District -
10/11 @ 7:30pm
10/12 @ 11:30am
10/23 @ 9pm

League of Women Voters interview on September 30 with East Palo Alto City Council Candidates.

For more schedule information on the Media Center's election coverage go to http://www.communitymediacenter.net/elections_2006.html

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