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Is there someone you know whom you would like to include in East Palo Alto Today's memorial site? Go here and see how you can send their name, birthdate, date of death, a bio, service information and a photo to create a memorable legacy in their honor.


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List Your Services


If you have an appropriate service or product, then we would like to invite you to partner with East Palo Alto Today in offering needed services to the community. A listing of your products and services on our memorial site will enable those in our local communities to have the information that they will need to better celebrate the lives of their departed friends and loved ones.

If you own or are involved with any of the following businesses, you can promote your business on this site to assist those who will need some of the services listed below.

Chauffeur and Limousine services
Cremation and Burial services
Grief Counseling
(Other) Health Services
Legal Services
Meeting Room Facilities

If you are interested in promoting your business on this site, whether it is listed above or not, please contact us at treasuredmemories@epatoday.org




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