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Is there someone you know whose picture should be on this page? Go here and see how you can send their name, birthdate, date of death, a bio, service information and a photo to create a memorable legacy in their honor.


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It is very difficult for most people, in everyday life, to deal with death. But it is, especially, difficult to deal with it when one lives in a community where the residents witness or hear about the death of neighbors and family members frequently and on an unpredictable basis.

Many residents in the East Palo Alto and Belle Haven communities are subjected to crime, violence and death more frequently than the residents of adjacent communities. Living in these circumstances can take a mental and a physical toll.

So, in using East Palo Alto Today's memorial site Treasured Memories to honor departed friends and family members, we would like to especially provide mental, psychological and emotional support to those who are now left to grieve their absence. To this end, visitors to East Palo Alto Today's memorial website will find within this site resources and tools that will enable them and their families to cope with the life cycles which affect us all.

Since there is little that is done well and sustained without the support of friends, we would like to enlist your support by inviting you to partner with us to continue, expand and maintain East Palo Alto Today's Treasured Memories website. We invite your ideas and your donations.

Any monetary donation you can contribute is welcome. You can donate as an individual and/or support a legacy page in honor of a family member or friend. All donations should be made to the East Palo Alto Center for Community Media to support the work of the center in the community.

You can make your donation by clicking

and filling in your donor information. Specify that your donation is being made to support East Palo Alto Today's Treasured Memories website.

If you would rather send a check or a money order, please make it payable to the:

East Palo Alto Center for Community Media
P.O. Box 50274
East Palo Alto, CA 94303

Any and all donations will be appreciated.

To send questions or ideas, contact us at treasuredmemories@epatoday.org.




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