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                      Taking steps to combat anti-asian bias

                      As we march into orange, let's ensure that the Black and Brown are not left behind
                      Key COVID-19 messages for the East Palo Alto community

                      Experts discuss the challenges in reopening schools too soon

                      COVID-19 death rates highlight racial inequities

                      East Palo Alto City Council reviews its key accomplishments
                      Domestic violence incidents are up due to COVID-19

                      Amid soaring death rates, California scrambling to increase available ICU beds and oxygen supplies

                      Stimulus bill provides scant relief for COVID battered nation

                      COVID-19 is surging in California

                      FTC's "Operation Income Illusion" targets get-rich-quick scams

                      San Mateo County converts two hotels into housing for low income and homeless residents

                      Will communities hardest hit get Covid vaccines?

                      Election 2020: results show California may not be that liberal after all

                      The COVID-19 health equity metric focuses on East Palo Alto

                      The Immigrant Relief Fund receives more funding to help immigrant families

                      Election 2020: Your cheat sheet fo 12 propositions to know about before Nov.3

                      What you should know when voting by mail

                      San Mateo Countymeal program extended

                      Eleventh hour save for California renters facing evictions is not a permanent solution

                      East Palo Alto 2020 Census response tops 2010 response

                      How can we uphold our democracy this election season

                      Youngest city in San Mateo County hard hit by COVID-19

                       A tsunami of evictions could hit the U.S. in the aftermath of COVID-19

                      San Mateo County - California's 1 census success story

                     Fear of public charge keeps immigrants from seeking health care during the pandemic

                     U.S. Supreme Court protects California's Dreamers

                     Juneteenth celebraton includes why it is important to fill out the census

                     Change is a movement and a process

                     Can we move beyond 'wash, rinse, repeat'cycle of protests?

                     COVID-19 has a destructive impact on women in many ways

                     Is there more COVID cash coming to help Californians?

                    Fighting against hate crimes targeted at Asian Americans in the aftermath of COVID-19

                    Help defeat COVID-19

                    Tracking California's census response rate - who's ahead and who's behind?

                    DACA and TPS recipients qualify for federal coronavirus relief

                    The worst is yet to come, medical experts tell reporters at Ethnic Media Services briefing

                    Pacific Islanders promote their own identity- separate from wider Asian category    

                    Civil rights leaders encourage diverse California communities to 'sanitize and self-respond'

                    Civil rights groups offer toll-free multilingual census hotlines for questions, concerns

                    Federal Trade Commission lists biggest scams targeting U.S.   

                    Making your vote count on Election Day        

                    Fight against public charge rule is not over; advocates seek to calm fears

                    Facts to know about Census 2020 to avoid census frauds and scams

                    DACA beneficiaries could stay in the U.S. for years

                    Proposed Public Charge law has chilling effect on immigrants

                    Need a job after Black Friday? Census 2020 is recruiting

                    Candidate filing period closes Friday, December 6 for the Presidential Primary Election

                    City of East Palo Alto makes a sad announcement

                    Vape stops here    

                    New state law restricts patyday and other 'debt trap' loans
                   Census experts and youth advocates tackle getting California's kids counted

                  Civil rights leaders urge congress to tackle campus injustices

                  California now has one of the strongest police-use-of force laws in the country

                  A win for racial equality: Governor signs bill banning discrimination in court damages awards

                  Sick of gerrymandering? Join California's redistricting commission  

                  Looking for short term work? 2020 Census might want you

                  Meeting the needs of East Palo Alto's 'hidden population'

                  City residents share their vision of East Palo Alto's future

                  Politicizing the U.S. Census: Should the U.S. Citenship question be added?

                  East Palo Alto loses a well-known ctivist and former mayor

                  Upcoming event: Amplikfying Africa's Growth in 2019: the African Diaspora Network Investment Symposium
                  A flu vaccination could save your life

                  Census confidentiality concerns worry activists

                  Outbreak of E.coli infections linked to romaine lettuce 

                  Don't use gift cards to pay for scams

                  Double homicide occurs in East Palo Alto            

                  November election period opens for write-in candidates

                  East Palo Alto will soon seek a new city manager

                  Ethnic media leaders to secretary of commerce-withdraw citizenship question from 2020 census

                  Candidates can now file to run in the November 2018 statewide general election

                  Experience diversity and entertainment at the Presidio of San Francisco

                  Lack of diversity? Add role models

                  Big voting changes in 2018 for East Palo Alto residents

                  Two East Palo Alto leader honored at Breakfast of Champions

                  East Palo Alto school district responds to its critics     

                        The Ravenswood City School District is again mired in controversy, with planned boycotts and other forms of protests.                             On Wednesday, April 25, the district superintendent broke her silence....

                 Looking for short term work? --2020 Census may want you

                 Suspect arrested in Palo Alto for East Palo Alto shootings 

                 Sizing up immigrant rights - best hope in ballot box  

                 Immigrant rights activists see turning point for all mericans

                 Local dentist gives the homeless something to smile about 

                 California homeowners are eligible for free $178 million mortgage assistance

                 Chan Zuckerberg grants fund many Bay Area nonprofits

                 How to get your debt under control

                 Ways to protect yourself from becoming ill during flu season

                 East Palo Alto has new leaders to lead the city

                 East Palo Alto: Giving thanks for "the little city that could"

                 USDA issues food recall due to possible liseria contamination

                 Spreading the word to diverse communities about PrEP    

                 Democratic lawmakers push DHS to withhold Dreamer info from ICE

                 New grant funding now available for nonprofits in four local communities

                 Early prostate cancer screening of black men could get a boost from HIFU technology      
                 East Palo Alto gets a high score

                 What will happen to Dreamers after DACA?

                 Health tips to use to keep safe

                 Actions to take after the devastating eqrthquake in Mexico

                 One million dollar fund established to help Dreamers renew permits before December 5

                 Pres. Trump rescinds DACA - What does it mean?

                 With the census in peril, what will it take to 'right the ship?'

                  'Internet Essentials' program tackles 'cruel irony' of digital divide

                  Free bachelor's degrees available for East Palo Alto residents

                  California kids still face riskes to health care

                  Target will open a new store in East Palo Alto

                  Trump administration takes on Obama"s law

                  East Palo Alto proposed employment development program is moving forward

                  Outside Washington, a 'more powerful' immigrant rights group emerges     

                  Ravenswood City School District Mired in Controversy

                  Opinion: The Kennedy Plan 2017

                 East Palo Alto's city manager explains controversial agreement

                 East Palo Alto mayor releases a letter to the East Palo Alto community

                 East Palo Alto school district responds to immigration concerns   

                 Living Shoreline art project is becoming a reality

               Ten resign from president's advisory commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

                Ending DACA would leave a hole in the economy, study says

                Lookmobile launched in East Palo Alto tours county libraries

                How Obamacare improved the nation's health

                Storm warnings issued by the City of East Palo Alto

                People of color and the poor will be hardest hit by the ACA repeal

               Two weekend fires put out in East Palo Alto

                East Palo Alto resident charged with the murder of two year old

                 What immigrant communities can do to prepare for Trump

                 Residents can shape the future of the East Palo Alto library   

                 East Palo Alto residents have three measures on the November ballot

                 East Palo Alto might get its own domestic violence program

                East Palo Alto City Council approves housing initiative

                One-stop shop for life-changing resources launches in San Mateo County

                Focus on your vote

                Studying in the Middle East

                More afraid of a drive-by than ISIS

                East Palo Alto police confiscate large supply of illegal fireworks and explosives

                Fifteen year old arrested for school burglary

                 Innovative technology results in high patient satisfaction

                Monday, May 23 is the last day to vote in the June 7, 2017 election

                DACA opens the door to health care

                Earn less than $13,870? California rewards low income tax filers

                East Palo Alto residents design a center for the arts

                 A new education center is coming to Cooley Landing

                 Free At Last celebrates its twenty-second anniversary

                 East Palo Alto moves forward with plans to develop its own water supply

                 U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi issues statement on Black History Month    

                 East Palo Alto said goodbye to its city attorney

                 Immigrant rights groups denounce deportation plans

                 Homeless and foster youth in East Palo Alto get early Christmas gifts

                 East Palo Alto has new leadership - See the post on the EPA Today Facebook page

                 Use these 10 tips to have a safe Thanksgiving dinner

                 East Palo Alto Council members debate how to spend a million dollars

                 Semi Final election results show the winners and losers in San Mateo County

                Youth and government program launches in East Palo Alto

                East Palo Alto prepares for the rainy season

                Five East Palo Alto families get free home repairs      

                East Palo Alto residents create their own silk paintings

                Recommendations given to improve East Palo Alto's rent stabilization program

                Hispanic Heritage Month recognized by the East Palo Alto City Council

                Nonprofit provides East Palo Alto residents with special solar program

                East Palo Alto youth action team features local artists

                East Palo Alto prepares for a natural disaster

                States may soon have to report on progress of homeless, forster youth

                Art and science are mixed in East Palo Alto's Cooley Landing 

                Twenty East Palo Alto track and field stars will compete at the Junior Olympics

                East Palo Alto mayor decries the loss of young residents to street violence

                New bill could change the way East Palo Alto residents vote

                Countering Trump's racist comments with actual facts

                East Palo Alto car accident leads to one fatality

                CA legislators chastises colleagues for cuts to state's most vulnerable

                A collaborative improvement project in East Palo Alto achieves results

                In the aftermation of Prop 47 - giving new hope to thousands

                East Palo Alto City Council members select their city's next council member - scroll to the May 6, 2015 Facebook post

               Silicon Valley Gives: May 5 fundraising event includes 850 community charities

                Vandals steal from East Palo Alto non profit food agency

                Activists call on immigrant communities to keep applying for DACA

                Local students speak up about the issues - scroll down page to post made in April 2015

                Rep. Jackie Speier celebrated Women's History Month in East Palo Alto - scroll down page to post made in March 2015

                East Palo Alto students win top awards in an academic competition

                Did AB60 lead to a spike in organ donators?

                 East Palo Alto Council member Laura Martinez gets a major appointment

                 East Palo Alto organization receives large Facebook donation

                 Carlos Martinez is East Palo Alto's new city manager - Scroll down the page to the post

                 Midpen's African American History Month celebration was a major attraction

                  Another case of measles is confirmed in San Mateo County 

                  Myth that there are more Black men in prison than college is debunked

                  Next East Palo Alto city manager is selected

                  Heavy rain, wind advisory this weekend for Northern California

                  Child support payments are easier to make in San Mateo County

                  East Palo Alto community members celebrate mural unveiling - - Scroll down the page to the post

                  East Palo Alto police open a new homicide investigation

                  East Palo Alto's mayor announces her intent to speak to Pres. Obama - Scroll down the page to the post

                   Intel announces a bold plan to diversify its workforce

                   East Palo Alto police investigate reports of multiple gunshots fired

                   East Palo Alto families get food and toys for the holidays

                   Californians now have more time to obtain Affordable Health Care coverage
                   Sen. Jerry Hill announces the 7th there Oughta Be A Law Contest

                   East Palo Alto has new leaders on its city council - Scroll to post on Facebook

                   Ferguson case highlights need for national data n police shootings

                   East Palo Alto has a new police chief

                   East Palo Alto residents decide on desired attributes of their next city manager

                   San Mateo County officials recommend an early flu shot  

                   East Palo Alto gets new interim city manager - Scroll to October 7, 2014 post

                  Dolores Huerta: Obama was right in delaying action on immigration

                  Congresswoman Jackie Speier calls on the NFL to immediately change its policy on domestic violence

                  Several weekend shootings in East Palo Alto leave one man dead

                  Study: Wealth of Calif. Nonprofits Not Evenly Spread Throughout State

                  One of East Palo Alto's major parks gets a children's playground

                  AME Zion Church leades express outrage over the killing of Michael Brown

                 Young man dies in East Palo Alto shooting

                 Community members meet the East Palo Alto police chief finalists

                 Finalists will be interviewed for the East Palo Alto police chief position

                 East Palo Alto is closer to getting a police chief - Scroll to item on the EPA Today Facebook page

                 East Palo Alto residents observe National Night Out

                 Two people killed and one injured in East Palo Alto shooting

                 East Palo Alto City Council member decide on a process to select their next city manager

                File papers now to run for a seat on the East Palo Alto City Council (Scroll down EPA Facebook page to read post.)

                 East Palo Alto City Council members seek a new city manager

                 A personal tribute: Remembering former State Assembly member Ira Ruskin

                 The East Palo Alto Boxing Club claims the victory - scroll to Facebook posting

                 Sea rise will bring severe floods to Silicon Valley's eastern edge

                 See up-to-date election results

                 Low voter turnout predicted for the June 2014 election

                 East Palo Alto resident to be keynote speaker at local high school graduation

                 Ethnic voters want environmental protections, but do their lawmakers

                 East Palo Alto officials postpone the decision on garage conversions

                 Former U.S. Secretary of State appears in Bay Area fundraiser

                 East Palo Alto tenants sue the nations's largest landlord

                 The Obama Legacy Project: Latino groups launch project to save President Obama's legacy

                 Key support for the rights of tenants
                 In the first step of a two step process, the East Palo Alto City Council unanimously agreed
                 at its April 1 meeting to introduce three new ordinances that will give additional support to
                 the rights of tenants in rental housing within the city. The three ordinances must now be
                 combined into one new ordinance that will be considered for formal adoption by council
                 members at their next council meeting on Tuesday, April 15. See photo from the meeting
                 by clicking EPA Today on Facebook.

                Last minute appeal for Covered California registrations

                The challenge and promise of Common Core

                Easy things the public can do to prepare for another earthquake

                Grant given to improve the health of East Palo Alto children

                Time is running out to sign up in time

                Black history museum features a wealth of exhibits

                East Palo Alto City Council votes no to outsourcing police services

                Should East Palo Alto outsource its public safety services?

                Protect yourself from catching the flu

                California's Governor, Edmund Brown, declares drought State of Emergency for California

                U.S. deported 369,000 immigrants in 2013

                The East Palo Alto community is warned about a utility scam

                East Palo organizations provide Christmas toys for local children

                Nelson Mandela, 1918 - 2013: South Africa Prepares Its Goodbye

                Book review in the New York Times of The Sixteen Round

                East Palo Alto has a new city council member

                 Sixteen East Palo Alto residents apply for vacant council seat

                East Palo Alto City Council members elect new leaders

                Blacks were nearly 40 percent of U.S. Homeless in 2012

                 In California, Will Education Funds Reach the Students Who Need It Most?

                 A former East Palo Alto police officer comes to Rond Davis' defense

                 Four East Palo Alto police officers file a complaint charging racial discrimination

                 City officials decide how to fill a vacant seat

                 East Palo Alto gets an interim police chief

                 East Palo Alto will soon lose its chief of police

                  East Palo Alto seniors can obtain free, daily meals

                  Palo Alto resident shot in East Palo Alto                 

                  Fire destroys two East Palo Alto houses                

                 East Palo Alto's mayor holds reception for community college students

                 East Palo Alto City Council member David Woods announces his resignation                

                 State official tours two East Palo Alto schools

                 What do ethnic media say about the government shutdown?

                 Local officials host forum on the Affordable Care Act and Covered California

                 Opinion: Give new meaning to September 11th                  

                 Sacramento, not Wshington set pace for immigration reform                 

                 A new website is born

                Back to school offers new opportunities to save lives

                EPA Today Update for November 19, 2013 -

                Two East Palo Alto teens show, road rage suspected

                50 years later, civil rights leaders face bigger challenges

                The New Black Philanthropy: Looking bck to move forward

                Two community agencies honor national health center week

                 City residents celebrate National Night Out

                Holder says the obvious: Drug War is a War on minorities

                East Palo Alto teacher receives high honor

                Local supervisor takes his office sessions on the road

                Mi Pueblo files for bankruptcy

                A shooting victim dies on Larkspur Avenue

               Afternoon fire damages two East Palo Alto residences
                 Photo of fire-damaged house on Georgetown Street
                                      Photo by Jamauri Bowles
                   Fire officials have not released a cause of the fire that damaged two houses on Georgetown Street in East Palo Alto                    yesterday. One house located at 2764 Georgetown received interior and exterior damage and the other at 2768 had                    only exterior damage. There were no  injuries thanks to a passerby who alerted the residents in one of the houses that
                   their house was on fire. An investigation of the fire is continuing.

             Study highlights racial disparities in the assignment of students to local high schools

             Opinion: Marriage Equality is good for California 

             Road rage, the suspected cause behind shooting           

             Some local comments on the Supreme Court decision overturning California's Prop 8

             Sealing youth offender records brings 'Chance of new life' 

             A morning at Cooley Landing Park with Doug McConnell               

             State Assembly passes CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

             Special emergency measures taken to keep EPA youth off the streets

             Proposed city budget calls for more staff changes

             RCSD Board appoints a new school superintendent

             An 'Award of Merit' goes to the City of East Palo Alto             

             Filipino and Black Duo crash Silicon Valley party
            'Crime emergency' declared in East Palo Alto

             Gun violence erupts

             East Palo Alo Police plan DUI checkpoint

             East Palo Alto seeks residents to assist with its general plan

             Opinion: Spring can be a time of renewal

             East Palo Alto shooting leaves one dead, one injured           

             Gov. Brown, healthcare advocates at odds over Medi-Cal expansion 

            San Mateo County launches ban on plastic bags           

            Campaign is launched to address the black infant and maternal mortality crisis

            Change financial insecurity to financial security

            Will Obama's plan affect urban gun violence?

            More input is needed to decide the future of regional open space preserves

            Luisa Buada named 2013 Woman of the Year in San Mateo County

            Spring showers bring increased risk of flooding

            Storage unit contains a dangerous weapons cache

             A new leader is selected for the Catholic Church

             East Palo Alto youth sow leadership roots           

            Local organization gets new leadership

            Avoid paying taxes on a foreclosed home

           Featured news item on March 8, 2013:
A fire on Buchanan Court in East Palo Alto led to the evacuation of four children and 15 adults this
           morning about 10:00 a.m. Several dogs were rescued in the fire. A temporary evacuation center was
           set up at the Faith Missionary Baptist Church at 835 Runnymede Street for those who were rescued.

           E ast Palo Alto is losing its city attorney

         The S.F. Giants world tour is coming to East Palo Alto

          A longtime community advocate is stepping down

          One local school celebrates national reading day with a former mayor          

         One man killed, a teen injured by multiple

          California drops to 49th in school spending

          East Palo Alto has one of the highest demands for animal control services

          East Palo Alto's free shuttles are running again          

           A community is forewarned about an accused murderer's release

           Male victim hospitalized after drive by assault 

          Beware drinking and driving on Bay Road

          February is Black History Month

          See WORDS FROM THE WISE: America's Oldest Park Ranger Brings Black History to Life

          Families, friends and finalists celebrate the winner          

          Super tips to survive Superbowl parties

          Ethnic Media's Collective Message to the White: Do It Now

          Second gun murder of the year recorded in East Palo Alto

          Opinion: Is there a need for gun control?

         East Palo Alto agency celebrates its anniversary and its founder

         Male shooting victim taken to a local hospital

         Local emergency declaration continued by East Palo Alto City Council

         East Palo Alto resident becomes city's first homicide of the year

         Banks settle foreclosure cost for $8.5 billion

        2012-2013 flu season might hit San Mateo County early and strong     

        Homeless black youth largely invisible to service providers

       The December floods lead city officials to consider an emergency proclamation      

       East Palo Alto resident is the city's first shooting victim of the new year

      East Palo Alto Police to deploy "maximum" effort on  New Year's Eve

      Poor would be first to barrel over the fiscal cliff

      Deadline rapidly approaching for foreclosure victims to get compensation

      Emergency efforts are underway to fix damaged creek levee

      American Red Cross opens evacuation center by East Palo Alto residents displaced by flooding

     San Mateo Credit Union holds Santa event in East Palo Alto

     Shooting leaves East Palo Alto resident mortally wounded

    Confronting our national nightmare

    $1 million gift to fund undocumented students scholarships

    East Palo Alto basketball team advocates for early screening 

    East Palo Alto's youth rugby season is starting now  

    Deadline approaches for homeowners seeking foreclosure review    

    City issues emergency storm warnings

    Local police departments partner to fight crime and violence

    Latinos, Be Careful What You Wish For

    Growing diabetes rates are causing national and local concern 

    Man shot in leg on Hibiscus Court 

    Local youth football club wins league championship

   Obama's Win: An Inflection Point

   See the winners and losers in the local election results 

  East Palo Alto's mayor stresses accomplishments 

 Be prepared for more rain

  San Mateo County Supervisors enact a new law to protect the environment

 East Palo Alto gets a new city manager   

  Presidential Debate: Top 10 questions that weren't asked  

  City residents hold a peace march and rally to find solutions to violence 

  East Palo Alto residents plan a peace march and rally to protest recent violence  

  Two men are killed in East Palo Alto hours apart

  Office manager for local dental office faces trial for embezzling

 East Palo Alto Sanitary District Board censures colleague, Dennis Scherzer

 East Palo Alto Sanitary District Board member, Dennis Scherzer, faces censure

 Increasing poverty levels bring more health issues

Let's build libraries not jails

An Obama watch party celebrates in East Palo Alto

A violent attack occurs in the city over the weekend

A roadmap to the future of juvenile justice

 New ruling in the murder of East Palo Alto activist

 Relief for Payday loan borrowers

Prop 34 would end California death penalty

Dreamers can now apply for work permits online

Major changes are coming to East Palo Alto

  There are Olympians without countries - and many regular people,

A new report examines another role for the nation's police

  Important information for East Palo Alto City candidates

Renaming a center to honor a community advocate

NOT a dream come true just a dream deferred

Community forum addresses black infant mortality rate

It's more complicated than "Legal vs. Illegal"....

Remembering to count the little successes

An arrest is made in Fourth of July stabbing incident

Community members hold a candlelight vigil to celebrate a life

Thirty-year-old man killed in East Palo Alto

American children born to immigrant parents lagging behind, new study finds

Offer of free pet services not being used in EPA

More 9th grade black boys are enrolled in high school honors classes...

Early election results are in

Local candidate explains his misstatement

Becoming a first-class citizen

The revolutionary origins of Memorial Day and its political hijacking

Minority birthrate highlights need for education reform

David Lewis' alleged killer is deemed competent to stand trial

Enacting a law to end all racial profiling

No charges to be filed in death of six year old

Take Back event nets boxes of unwanted medications

One East Palo Alto City Council member is out of the race

Residents demand community benefits from Facebook

Zimmerman case ignites dialogue on Latino racial identity

Huge grant award given for Cooley Landing Park Project

What if Krop High had not suspended Trayvon Martin?

Bank discrimination uncovered with respect to disclosed properties

Voter drive designed to combat Latino disillusionment

The Ravenswood Family Health Center celebrates a decade of service

World premiere of music videos takes place in East Palo Alto

A Special Report: Faces of Foreclosure

East Palo Alto has an acting police chief

Local school superintendent honored by the San Mateo County Women's Hall of Fame

City council members make difficult staff cuts

A new shooting investigation is underway

East Palo Alto's police chief is selected as the interim city manager

East Palo Alto's newly retired city manager has a new job

Facebook Fallout - East Palo Alto worries it will disappear

East Palo Alto's top manager announces his retirement

Neighborhood organizers attend the State of the Union address

Is the State of California on the mend?

Gov. Edmund Brown issues proclamation honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Annual "Freedom Train" runs this year

Grants given to increase math skills

Toy donations are urgently needed

Nineteen-year-old dies from gunshot wounds

City council elects new mayor and vice mayor

East Palo Alto Skateboarding Center opens with fanfare

Local woman goes missing

Bring food waive library fines

Winter gardening can yield results

Organ donations give the gift of life

San Mateo County sees drop in childhood obesity

East Palo Alto Police issue a warning to city residents

Residents get assistance with their housing issues

Reports show social security cuts would hit people of color

A new financial institution will open its doors in East Palo Alto

East Palo Alto City Council member kicks off his campaign for county supervisor

Community residents demand justice in death of six year old

California Department of Health warns consumers not to eat certain foods

Nationwide crackdown by immigration officials leads to local arrests

Bad teeth a barrier to health and jobs

East Palo Alto registers another homicide

Crowd at town hall meeting protests large apartment sale

Latest crime report shows that crime is down again

Governor Brown proclaims 9/11 as Patriot Day in CA

CA's governor vetoes more hands free legislation

 Redistricting brings Belle Haven and East Palo Alto closer

Local candidates are gearing up for the November election

Belle Haven school fire still under investigation

EPA Greyhounds compete in the Junior Olympics

East Palo Alto opens a new skateboarding center

Strategic planning at a community retreat
    Click here to see video

New anti-violence public service announcement

Stopping the violent crime wave in the city

Creating a strategic plan for Measure C funding

Another shooting leads to a homicide

Twenty six year old killed in second shooting of the week

EPAPD unveils Summer Violence-Reduction Plan

Twenty three year old killed in shooting

Schedule changes for the "Free EPA Shuttle"

Car shooting now a murder investigation

IKEA goes green with new installations

Gang activity becomes the focused target of law enforcement officials  (See video below.)

 Click image or here to see video

Preserving your clothes for storage

Local organization replays concert video to honor Independence Day

Police sweeps send a message to gang members

East Palo Alto to host movie premiere

Council members decide on summer funding

Driver arrested and charged with a homicide

Highlights from the police press briefing regarding two arrests in the triple shooting and murder case
Click on image or here to see video and here to read the article

Local businessman dies in bridge collision

City's Samoan-American community joined worldwide language preservation effort

Charges filed by San Mateo County DA in triple shooting

Two suspects are arrested in triple shooting

Three-month old baby shot and killed in triple shooting

Overall crime in East Palo Alto continues to go down

The "Little City by the Bay" gets one of the highest rankings in the state

California Bank & Trust is closing its East Palo Alto Branch

Beginning to say "No" to the sale of medical marijuana in East Palo Alto

Patient Navigator: Life Changing Coach
Lecture by Ana

East Palo Alto Police arrest brothers for armed robbery

City mayors at tree planting    Planting trees for this generation and for future generations

Bill to protect motorists from "red-light camera" abuses moves forward

Click image to play or click here

Gov. Brown unveils revised budget

New report shows an increase in the number of homeless and unemployed

East Palo Alto's proposed marijuana dispensary is attracting more controversy

An inspiring evening with East Palo Alto's mayor     students with the mayor

City's crime rate continues to decrease

Measure B overwhelmingly approved by the voters

Gov Jerry Brown issues a statement on the death of Osama bin Laden

Explaining the seed library


   Opening day for East Palo Alto's Seed Library



U.S. Rep. Anna Eshoo leads discussion on Internet Privacy

High-risk offenders get second "Call-In"

Voting against three bills that limit access to health care

Simitian's privacy bill passed in California State Senate

Crime is still decreasing: East Palo Alto Police Department releases its first quarter crime statistical report

City's top manager proposes deep cuts

East Palo Alto has an official emergency plan

EPA Bulldogs win convincingly over struggling EPA Razorbacks

East Palo Alto teacher wins top award

Photo of Bd of Trustees
Rocketship Education denied approval for East Palo Alto
charter school

East Palo Alto loses a legend- Oneida 'Mother' Branch

Sports: Bulldogs' time cut short in Sacramento

Cooley Landing project gets a major grant

Opinion: East Palo Alto parents deserve a Rocketship elementary school

Silicon Valley Community Foundation launches interactive public website

Sports: Bulldogs vs. Capitals - overcoming the tougher opponent

For emergency quake information, call 211

Crime continues to decline in East Palo Alto

Opinion: Mama Tiombe matters and so do you

Sports: Bulldogs finally wake up and defend home

Breaking ground for a high school in East Palo Alto

Gap Fest: a blend of music with the smell of paint

Chatting with the chief about crime reduction in East Palo Alto

Graffiti Arts Project to hold Festival "GAP FEST"

East Palo Alto welcomed SF Giants World Championship Trophy

East Palo Alto City Council approves building of Richard May Athletic Field

A new Chat with the Chief series is announced

EPA Police Chief issues Letter to the Community about crime

Elementary school teacher arrested for molesting student

Whooping Cough vaccine now required for preteens

Combating substance abuse in East Palo Alto

San Francisco Giants World Trophy coming to East Palo Alto

East Palo Alto Police conduct homicide investigation

Assemblyman Rich Gordon leads first Budget Subcommittee on Resources and Transportation

FEMA urges Arizona, California, and Nevada residents to prepare for winter flooding

Rolling out the 211 Hotline in San Mateo County

East Palo Alto turns down one of Gov. Brown's key budget proposals

East Palo Alto Police Department launches new "Make the Call" website

Rep. Eshoo votes against health care reform repeal

Rep. Anna Eshoo elected to
top federal position.

EPA Today Online Survey: Priorities for the East Palo Alto City Council
  Your input is important

East Palo Alto shooting investigation underway

Local officials react to shootings in Tucson

Upcoming memorial service for Katye Arlene Johnson McCall

Borrowing guitars from the East Palo Alto Library

East Palo Alto City Council meeting canceled because of small fire

Suspected murderer Gregory Elarms pleads not guilty

Council member Peter Evans responds to the East Palo Alto City Attorney

Protect family from post-holiday dangers

East Palo Alto experiencing lowest homicide rate in ten years

A children's Christmas event to remember

Brothers conspire to rob elderly victim

David Lewis' alleged murderer could get maximum penalty

East Palo Alto Graffiti Arts Project recognized nationally

Suspect arrested for the murder of David Lewis

Comprehensive report shows crime down in East Palo Alto

Assemblymember Rich Gordon responds to repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell'

Bloomingdale's partners with East Palo Alto in toy drive

Information from the City of East Palo Alto about flooding

City of East Palo Alto responds to Council member Peter Evans' letter

East Palo Alto Police release new crime statistical report

Representative Eshoo opposes Obama tax deal

Representative Eshoo issues a statement on the passage of the Dream Act

New mayor and vice mayor selected for East Palo Alto

The 21st District gets a new state assemblymember

Chat with the Chief meeting in December

Beware the 12 top scams of the holiday season

East Palo Alto gets a new city manager

East Palo Alto's emergency shelter opens early

East Palo Alto Police Department improves its
canine program

Opinion: Building a Field of Dreams

East Palo Alto City Council members face a tough decision

East Palo Alto Police to get license plate readers

EPA Connect II to address homelessness in East Palo Alto

New Chat with Chief series starts at end of November - To be rescheduled

After-school programs given awards for curbing childhood obesity

Year to date report shows crime down in East Palo Alto

Voter unhappiness in East Palo Alto

EPA residents create vision for RBD/4 Corners

October collection drive - local pharmacies are still collecting mercury thermometers

San Mateo County to flip switch on largest solar project

Ravenswood Family Health Center receives major grant

Pres. Obama to fundraise in Palo Alto today

Local "Make the Call" television show wins regional award

A Message for East Palo Alto Voters - Read and comment on this article online on EPA Today

A Tribute to Omo - My Personal Perspective. Read and comment on this article online on EPA Today

Elbert Mitchell's Home Going Celebration

Remarks on the death of Charlesetta Fishman

The Dalai Lama will meet with East Palo Alto students

Emerging scam involving housing offers and fake checks

October is Domestice Violence Awareness Month

Former East Palo Alto resident new basketball coach at Menlo Atherton High School

New Year-to-Date Crime Statistical Report released for East Palo Alto

East Palo Alto Police Department releases October crime prevention newsletter

PG&E gives an apology to the City of East Palo Alto

Ira Ruskin named Legislator of the Year

Caltrain installs new suicide prevention signs

Walk to school on October 6

An examination of Stanford University's ties to East Palo Alto

Sen. Joe Simitian launches 10th annual "There Oughta Be A Law" contest

A poem in honor of Jeanne Cuffey Tatum, a Daughter of Lite

An urgent call for support: Defend the Right to Vote

Last call for comments on the Transportation Improvement Program

Two arrested for 2009 murder

Thinking about the unthinkable again

City manager announcement for East Palo Alto coming soon

David Lewis' murder not yet solved

Latest crime statistical report released for the city

Fifty five jobs with high growth

East Palo Alto Police launch Graffiti Arts Project

Caltrain holds public hearing on possible fare increases

FasTrak privacy bill passes California Legislature

Chat with the Chief meeting to discuss David Lewis murder case

July 2010 crime report released for East Palo Alto

U.S. bill eliminates lead in drinking water

Rep. Anna G. Eshoo's bill H.R. 5289 Get the Lead Out, which is designed to eliminate lead from drinking water was passed in the U.S. House of Representatives. Click here to read more about the bill.

Fourth episode of Make the Call television series premieres

East Palo Alto passes resolution to stop Arizona's immigration law

A letter to the Palo Alto City Council regarding racial profiling

State officials warn Californians to prepare for summer weather

Newly released East Palo Alto Crime Statistical Report

The East Palo Alto Police Department has released its Crime Statistical Report for the first six months of 2010. See it here.

Gov. Schwarzenegger offers reward in David Lewis murder case

California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he is offering a $50,000 reward for information regarding the death of East Palo Alto resident David Lewis. Get more details about his offer here.

East Palo Alto officials conduct gun-buy back event

For the second year in a row, East Palo Alto's mayor and the city's police department will hold a gun buy-back event in East Palo Alto. Click here for more information about the event.

Federal money to go to East Palo Alto youth program

The Office of U.S. Congressional Representative Anna Eshoo has issued information detailing a U.S. Congressional subcommittee's approval of money to an East Palo Alto youth program. Get the details about the subcommittee's appropriations here.

San Mateo County has whooping cough prevention plan

Citing information to show that whooping cough has reached epidemic levels in the State of California, the San Mateo County Health Department has adopted a whooping cough prevention plan to protect San Mateo County residents. Read about the plan.

Zero tolerance policy for fireworks

The East Palo Alto Police Department is implementing a zero tolerance policy for the use of fireworks in East Palo Alto this July 4th. Get details about the policy here.

May 2010 Crime Statistical Report released for East Palo Alto

The East Palo Alto Police Department released the latest crime report for the City of East Palo Alto. Click here to see which crimes went down and which ones went up.

East Palo Alto resident victim of motorcycle crash

Chief Ron Davis comments on Seattle experience

Interim Police Chief John Diaz selected as Seattle's next police chief

East Palo Alto veteran to be honored

California State Assembly member Ira Ruskin will honor retired Army Staff Sargeant June Moss in Sacramento on Wednesday, June 23. Click here for more details.

SamTrans increases fares

The San Mateo County Transit District announced that fares will go up in July. Get more information about the fare increases by clicking here.

Updated: Announcement of final rites for David Lewis

David Lewis' ideas influenced Pasadena Police policy


Statements concerning David Lewis' death from:
1. Free at Last
2. East Palo Alto Police Chief Ron Davis

Community leader David Lewis was shot and killed

Competition for Seattle police chief position down to two candidates. Read more about the original three finalists.

State Assembly District 21
Measure H - See San Mateo County Results - Scroll to bottom of page

Seattle police chief candidates make last pitch for job


EPA searches for city manager

The City of East Palo Alto will soon end its search for a new city manager this June. The final candidates for the job will be presented to the community in a few weeks. Get more information in this attached article.

Recommending East Palo Alto's Chief of Police

Members of the East Palo Alto community met with representatives from the Seattle police search committee to share their thoughts regarding East Palo Alto's Chief of Police Ron Davis and his application to be Seattle, Washington's new police chief. Read the article about this meeting here.


See Seattle newspaper articles:
1. Questioning of police chief finalists
2. Police chief interviews:
    'Open air drug markets,'
     what can be done

Davis Lewis is featured in 'Soul of a Citizen' in the Huffington Post

Chief Davis in the news in Seattle

EPA Police Chief Ron Davis now among three finalists for Seattle police chief position.  See Davis' statement.

YUCA celebrates rent roll Backs

New Orleans has a new police chief

Chief Ron Davis: A profile from New Orleans

The Handwriting is on the Wall

EPA Police Chief is semi-finalist for Seattle police chief position

Honoring Lt. Rahn Sibley and his 36 years of community service

Newly Released East Palo Alto Crime Stats for April 2010

The East Palo Alto Police Department has released the latest crime statistics for the city. Click here to read the newly released report.

YUCA Celebrates Rent Roll Backs

It was an important victory for some East Palo Alto apartment tenants and Youth United for Community Action(YUCA) chose to recognize the victory with a rally and a celebration. Get more information about the event here.

Sequoia Hospital Achieves a First in San Mateo County

Sequoia Hospital is the first hospital to implement a special life saving system for heart attack victims. Read about it here.

EPA Police Chief is a semifinalist for Seattle Police Chief Position

Chief Ron Davis, East Palo Alto's Chief of Police said he was "extremely pleased and honored to be considered for the Seattle Police Chief position." Read about his selection and read more of his comments here.

Last chance for census mailback responses

Disregard misleading and uninformed earthquake predictions

Next Steps - Operation Ceasefire

San Mateo County Health Dept. holds last H1N1 Flu Clinic in East Palo Alto

Test of Tsunami warning system

Read the EPA Today Online Blog: President Obama Needs to be Out in Front More Often

Congressional Representative Comments on Healthcare Reform Bill Passage

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo issued comments regarding the passage of the healthcare reform bill on Sunday, March 21. Read her comments here.

New Superintendent Named for School District

The Sequoia Union High School District announced that a new superintendent has been named for the 8,200-student district. Go here to learn more about the district's selection.

Letter to the Community on Operation Ceasefire

The East Palo Alto Police Department has issued a Letter to the Community regarding the implementation of "Operation Ceasefire." Get more details about this violence and drug market reduction strategy here.

East Palo Alto Police Release Latest Crime Statistics

The East Palo Alto Police Department released the latest statistics which show the overall state of crime in East Palo Alto. Click here to see the report.

Wells Fargo Acquires Apartments

Wells Fargo Bank announced that it has acquired the entire Woodlnd Park Apartment portfolio which was formerly owned by Page Mill Properties. See the announcement here.

U.S. Post Office Makes Signicant Changes in Service

The U.S. Postmaster has outlined a ten year plan for the U.S Post Office that would change the current way the U.S Post Office serves the country. Go here to see the details of the plan.

Strengthening California's Hands-Free and Anti-Texting Laws

State Senator Joe Simitian has proposed a new bill that would strengthen the current hands-free/texting law. Click on proposed new bill to find out more.

East Palo Alto Police Conduct Curfew

The East Palo Alto Police Department announced that it will conduct a special curfew on February 25. Get more details about the curfew here.

Emergency Preparedness Meeting Held After Plane Disaster

The emergency preparedness meeting was planned weeks earlier, but it was ironic that it was held after the fatal airplane crash in East Palo Alto. Click here to read what happened at the meeting.

Eshoo Comments on Plane Crash

U.S. Congresswoman Anna Eshoo issued a statement on the plane which crashed in East Palo Alto on February 17. Read her statement here.

EPADV Celebrates an Anniversary

East Palo Alto Digital Village celebrated its tenth anniversary at an evening dinner. Go here to learn more about the celebration.

School Superintendent Announces Retirement

Patrick Gemma, Sequoia Union High School District Superintendent, announced that he would retire in June 2010. Click announcement to get more details.

East Palo Alto Has a New Team

The East Palo Alto Police Department has a basketball team and the team has already started competing. Who is on the team and who is the team playing? Find out here.

February 2010 National African American (Black) History Month

At its Tuesday, February 2 meeting the East Palo Alto City Council declared February 2010 as National African American (Black) History Month. See the proclamation here.


San Mateo County Holds Free H1N1 Vaccination Clinics

The San Mateo County Health Department will hold free H1N1 vaccination clinics throughout the county starting Tuesday, January 12. Click on clinic to see the dates and locations.

Operation 4th Quarter Final Report

The East Palo Alto Police Department started its Operation 4th Quarter activities this summer to reduce criminal activities in East Palo Alto. The department has now issued its final 4th Quarter report. What does the report show? Find out here.


News about the Parole Reentry Program

The East Palo Alto Police Department released a report that showed good news about the East Palo Alto Parole Reentry Program. Go here to read the police department report.


An Important Message to the Community

Dr. Emmett Carson, the CEO and President of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, issued an important message to the community concerning a critical, internal investigation taking place at the foundation. Click here to read Dr. Carson's message.

U.S. Rep. Anna Eshoo Secures Millions

U.S. Representative Anna Eshoo secured $2.8 million in federal grant money which will be allocated to local projects, including several projects in East Palo Alto. To see how the grant money will be allocated, click here.

Operation 4th Quarter - Update

The East Palo Alto Police Department released its Operation 4th Quarter Update report. Go here to get the latest crime statistics for the East Palo Alto community.


A Smooth Election for East Palo Alto's Mayor and Vice Mayor

The East Palo Alto City Council meeting got off to a late start. But, once started, the election of the city's mayor and vice mayor took place quickly. To read more about the election, go here.


Mi Pueblo Has Grand Opening

Hundreds of people turned out to celebrate the grand opening of the Mi Pueblo Food Center in East Palo Alto. Go here to read about the store's festive grand opening.

Drug Raids Cause Turmoil

On the very day that drug raids targeted two East Palo Alto homes, upset residents complained about the raids to their city council during a community forum session, held at a regularly scheduled council meeting. To read an article about the raids and see a video excerpt of the forum presentation, click here.

New High School for East Palo Alto

Patrick Gemma, the superintendent of the Sequoia Union High School District met with community representatives in East Palo Alto to discuss plans for the development of a new high school for East Palo Alto. To read this article, which appears in the October - November 2009 edition of East Palo Alto, go here.

Operation 4th Quarter - Second Update

The East Palo Alto Police Department released its Operation 4th Quarter- Second Update Report that shows that certain crimes in East Palo Alto are going down. Go here to read the full report.


State Funding for Domestic Violence Shelters

In declaring October "Domestic Violence Awareness Month," Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation that restored funding to domestic violence shelters throughout California. Read about the new legislation here. Click here to read commentary about the governor's actions in the EPA Today Online blog.

Mi Pueblo Supermarket Approved

After listening to scores of residents present their views on whether the Mi Pueblo supermarket chain should open a store in their city, the East Palo Alto City Council cast its vote on the issue. Go here to read about the council's decision and some of the issues it considered.


Operation 4th Quarter Update

The East Palo Alto Police Department released its Operation 4th Quarter Update report. Read about the city's latest crime statistics here.


East Palo Alto Police Launch "Cultural Competency" Series

In beginning "The New Dialogue" that East Palo Alto Police Chief Ron Davis announced in a report to the East Palo Alto community, the East Palo Alto Police Department will launch a "Cultural Competency Training Series," which will be incorporated into the police department’s quarterly training sessions. To read more about the training series, go here. To read Chief Davis' report on "Police & Race Relations: The New Dialogue," in East Palo Alto Today, see page 5 in the August-September 2009 edition of EPA Today.

Police Chief Ron Davis Releases "Letter to Community"

East Palo Alto Police Chief Ron Davis released a letter to the East Palo Alto community in which he discusses the current status of the city's crime rate. In his letter he talks about the evolution of the city's future community-policing efforts and describes "Advance Community Policing" as the next level in the department's policing strategy. Read his entire letter to the community here.

East Palo Alto Losing City Manager

At the last East Palo Alto City Council meeting held on Tuesday, September 15, the City Manager Alvin James shared his plans for the future after he and the city council failed to reach an agreement during contract negotiations over his continued employment. Click here to read what he announced at the city council meeting.

SamTrans Announces Service Reductions and Fare Increases

The San Mateo County Transit District Board announced that it was adopting bus service reductions and across-the-board fare increases. To get more information about the SamTrans Board decisions, click transit changes.

East Palo Alto City Officials Hold Protest Demonstration

Upset with the decision of a Santa Clara County judge to locate a "sexually violent predator" in East Palo Alto, community residents hold a protest demonstration outside the house to which the man recently moved. Click the word protest to get more information about their demonstration.

Release of "Sexually Violent Predator"

East Palo Alto residents met with city and county officials to discuss the release of a "sexually violent predator," who has moved into their city. Click article for more details on their discussion.

New Flu Website Launched

The State of California now has a new website to register health practitioners interested in administering a flu shot for the H1N1 virus. In unveiling the website, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger also urged Californians to prepare for the flu season. To get information about the new website and to see a list of flu prevention tips, click flu prevention.


East Palo Alto Police Launch Operation 4th Quarter

The East Palo Alto Police Department launched Operation 4th Quarter earlier than planned. Read here what Operation 4th Quarter entails and why it was launched early.


New Federal Bill Supports Local Water Projects

U. S. Representative Anna Eshoo voted for a new federal bill that will fund important local water projects. To read about the new bill and see which local water projects are involved, go here.

East Palo Alto Police Seek National Accreditation

The East Palo Alto Police Department has started a process that will allow it to set and meet a new standard of excellence for itself. Read about the process and the department's mission and goals here.


Graffiti Arts Program Photo Book

The Graffiti Arts Program Photo Book was unveiled with a big supporter behind it. Find out more about the book and it's supporter.


Operation Buyer Beware

The East Palo Alto Police Department successfully launched Operation Buyer Beware and arrested seven people. Get more details about the operation and the arrests here


ShotSpotter Activity Report

The East Palo Alto Police Department has released its latest activity report which details the impact that the city's ShotSpotter Gunshot Detection System has had on reducing crime in East Palo Alto. Click Activity Report to see the results.

Finding Summer Employment for Young People

A coalition of organizations and their supporters made a special request to the East Palo Alto City Council at its May 19, 2009 city council meeting. Click here to find out about the organization's request.

Police Complaint Report

The East Palo Alto Police Department's "Complaints Against the Police Summary Report," shows the number of complaints that were filed in 2008 against the city's police and the steps the department has taken to address the complaints. Click the report to get the complete details.

Newly Released Crime Statistics for East Palo Alto

The East Palo Alto Police Department released the most recent crime statistics for the City of East Palo Alto. The release shows that overall, crime has gone down in the city. Get more information and see a detailed report here.

California's First Lady Maria Shriver Launches Website

A new California website was launched by the state's First Lady Maria Shriver to assist working families. According to information on the website, visitors to the site will discover opportunities that will enable them to put money in their pocket and food on their table along with job resources and educational tools to use for their personal advancement. See the website here.


New Data Shows Disporportionately High Number of Evictions

The Fair Rent Coalition, an East Palo Alto tenants group released new data on April 30 to show that there are a disproportionately high number of tenant evictions from apartments owned by Page Mill Properties, East Palo Alto's largest apartment holder. See a copy of the released data.


Facts about Swine Flu

There is national and even worldwide concern about the possibility of an H1N1 (Swine Flu) epidemic developing. Here is a fact sheet about the H1N1 Flu that tells what it is and how you can tell whether you have it. See the H1N1 Swine Flu fact sheet.


Parole Reentry Program Achieves Promising Results

The East Palo Alto Police Department released statistics on April 8 to show that the Parole Reentry Program is achieving promising results. Officials from the program will appear on Talking with Henrietta, a local television show, on Thursday, April 9 to discuss the program. The public is invited to attend the show to participate as a part of the studio audience. Go here for more details.


East Palo Alto's First Quarter Crime Statistics are released

The East Palo Alto Police Department made public the First Quarter Crime Statistics report it has for the City of East Palo Alto. Read the report and see the statistics.


Legal Judgment Involving the City of East Palo Alto Leaves Mixed Feelings

It has been an ongoing legal battle, but the legal part of the battle might now be over. Get more details about the latest court decision involving East Palo Alto.


East Palo Alto Police Officers Will Attend Funeral

Eight members of the East Palo Alto Police Department will attend the funeral service for four slain Oakland police officers. For more information, go to article Honoring Four of Their Own.

Jobs Not Jail

East Palo Alto parolees will report to the city's police department to report for jobs not jail. This city program is one of the first in California. Read more about it here.

Operation 4th Quarter

The East Palo Alto Police Department released in Operation 4th Quarter Report and listed the latest crime statistics along with the department's on-going crime reduction efforts. Read the latest Operation 4th Quarter Report.


East Palo Alto Housing Crisis Continues

For many East Palo Alto renters, it has been a long struggle, and the end of the struggle is not yet in sight. Read Chris Lund's update on the current state of East Palo Alto rental housing crisis.

Out of Harms Way Issues Final Report

A group that was established to provide extracurricular activites for East Palo Alto youth during the winter vacation issued a final report on the results of their intervention efforts. Read their progress report.

Another Tool for Fighting Crime

The East Palo Alto Police Department announced that it has another important tool for fighting crime. Read more about it.

Website for Tenants

The East Palo Alto community has a new website for tenants and others who are interested in learning about the city's housing crisis. Get more information about the new community website.

No More Tears Training Continues

The Parole Re-Entry Program will continue to work with the No More Tears group as the program enters its second year. Read more about the program and the training provided by the group.

Special Announcement from the East Palo Alto Police Chief

In a special announcement to the community, East Palo Alto Police Chief Ronald Davis issued new goals for his January "Chat with the Chief" meeting. Read Davis' special announcement.

ShotSpotter Goes Citywide

A crime fighting system that encompassed a few blocks in East Palo Alto is now expanded to include the whole city. Get the details here.

The East Palo Alto Police Department Sets a 2009 Goal

In his latest Letter to the Community, released on Friday, December 26, 2008, East Palo Alto Police Chief Ronald Davis set a major goal for the City of East Palo Alto and called upon the East Palo Alto community to support a local movement. Read his entire letter by clicking this link.

Palo Alto Police Department Unveils Community Outreach Plan

The Palo Alto Police Department unveiled a comprehensive outreach plan to the Palo Alto City Council at its Monday night meeting on December 15. The Council meeting took place at 7 p.m. in the council chambers at 525 Hamilton Avenue in Palo Alto. Get the details of the plan here.

The Community Responds

East Palo Alto community members met with Mayor Ruben Abrica and the city's Police Chief Ron Davis to discuss ways of ending the recent shootings in East Palo Alto. Read Addressing Ways to Stop the Violence. To see Chief Davis' latest "Letter to the Community," go here.

East Palo Alto Shootings

A rash of shooting incidents in East Palo Alto is causing increasing concern among the city's residents. Two people were shot on Monday, December 8. Read three police releases about the incidents, including the latest one that occurred on December 8.

East Palo Alto Drops Lawsuit

The Page Mill Properties firm, which represents 1700 rental units in East Palo Alto, issued a press release on Tuesday, November 25 that stated that the City of East Palo Alto had ended its litigation efforts against the firm. Read the complete release here.

November 5 - A Very Special Day

The November election and its aftermath now have a special meaning for many different people. For Muisi-kongo Malonga, a young woman who works in East Palo Alto, the day after the election was a very special day. She awoke on November 5 with a double reason to celebrate. Click here to see why November 5 will always be a very special day for her.


EPA Mayor Sends Letter of Protest

East Palo Alto Mayor Patricia Foster sent a letter to Palo Alto Mayor Larry Klein to protest recent remarks by Palo Alto Police Chief Lynne Johnson which were interpreted as encouraging Palo Alto's police to engage in racial profiling. Read the complete text of Mayor Foster's letter here.


East Palo Alto Parolee Program Receives Million Dollar Grant

The East Palo Alto Police Department announced on October 22, 2008 that it had received a $1.1 million grant to implement a 14-month pilot parolee work program. Get more information about the grant and the program here. Click on the Request for Qualifications to see what the department is seeking to fulfill the needs of the program.


Report Releleased on Increasing Minority Voters

The James Irvine Foundation released an important report the week of September 21 which presents new research and suggestions to increase voting rates within low-income and multicultural communities. See the report.


Is it Landlord Negligence?

Bay Road Improvements in Jeopardy

pic of new street lights


East Palo Alto Gets Two New Stores

pic of new store site



Confronting the Spread of HIV/AIDS in Minority Communities


Part of a Winning Team

There are more minorties getting involved in swimming. Find out what has prevented them from doing so in the past and why there is a growing interest in swimming in minority communities now. See Part of a Winning Team.


Tips for Preventing a House Burglary       Crime_prevention_logo

The East Palo Alto Police Department has published 12 tips to assist residents in preventing residential burglaries. The tips appear in the department's latest Crime Prevention Newsletter. See it here.



Rent Protest Marchers         A March Protesting Rent Increases

Youth United for Community Action and other supporters of the rights of renters in East Palo Alto held a march to protest recent rent increases. Click here to get more details about the march.


Soldiers Vindicated After 64 Years              Picture of                                                                                                                                                                  Picture from the LA Times

Twenty eight African American soldiers were finally found innocent of lynching a white man. It took 64 years for the truth to be accepted and a travesty of justice to be corrected. Get the details.


Read the Text of Obama's Berlin Speech



A Popular Attraction         Picture of collard greens

What festival celebrates collard greens, features Collard Greens Ice Cream and has a Collard Greens Queen and King Cook Off Contest? The Collard Greens Cultural Festival in East Palo Alto Alto, of course. Read more about it.

Obama_Middle_East        Obama Visits the Middle East


July 15 - Mrs. Barbara's Mouton Birthday               Mrs. Barbara_Mouton

Mrs. Barbara Mouton was the inspiration for the City of East Palo Alto's incorporation in 1983. At its meeting on Tuesday, July 15, 2008, the East Palo Alto City Council will pay tribute to Mrs. Mouton in honor of her birthday. Read more about her here.


More Assistance for Homeowners and Renters

The State of California Franchise Tax Board announced that it has a special program that will provide additional assistance to homeowners and renters. Go here for more information.

Gov. Schwarzenegger Talks about California's Wildfires      .schwarzenegger
See his address and the latest statistics involving the state's massive fires.  

A New Bill to Prevent Foreclosures

Representatives from consumer groups and local and state officials watched on Tuesday, July 8 as a new state bill was signed that would protect California homeowners from losing their homes to foreclosure. To get more information about the bill and to see a photo of the bill's signing, click on the following link.

New Legislation to Protect Child Care in San Mateo County

On July 3, a new bill was signed into law, which would enable an 200 additional children to get affordable child care in San Mateo County. Senate Bill 1304, authored by State Senator Joe Simitian will also enable other children throughout the county to get additional hours of care. Get more details about the bill here.


Dealing with the Heat

California officials are urging state residents to prepare for the current heat wave. See what they are doing and what they suggest others do. Get additional tips for staying cool here.


East Palo Alto Celebrates 25th Anniversary              audience _epa_celebration

The scheduled East Palo Alto City Council meeting on July 1 was turned into an occasion for celebration. Go here to read why it was an evening for nostalgia.


Zero Tolerance Policy for July 4th

The East Palo Alto Police Department has issued a Letter to the Community" as a reminder to residents that fireworks are illegal in
East Palo Alto and that the Police Department will adopt a zero tolerance policy on the 4th of July. Read the entire

Hands-free Cell Phones

Senate Bill 1613, the bill which makes it illegal to drive while holding a cell phone, becomes law this July 1. Get more information about the bill here.

Latest Crime Emergency Report

The East Palo Alto Police Department released figures showing the results achieved from the "Crime Emergency" that was declared last April. See the details from the police department's latest report issued on June 11, 2008.


Fireworks are Illegal

The East Palo Alto Police Department is attempting to notify all residents of a new city ordinance which now makes it illegal to use fireworks within the city.


New Grantees

The Palo Alto Community Fund announced that it had awarded grants to 30 local community organizations. Read about the fund and its new grantees.


obama   An Historic Moment

Even Sentor Barack Obama, himself, admitted that he was involved in history in the making. Find out why here.


Working as an Agent for Social Change        pic_agents_for_change

Two East Palo Alto City interns made a special presentation to the East Palo Alto City Council. Read what they said during their presentation.


Picture of badge      Lastest East Palo Alto Police Department news


Read East Palo Alto Police Chief Ron Davis' latest "Letter to the Community,"  news about the recent appointments of two police captains and the newly released highlights of the first week of the "Crime Emergency."


Crime Emergency Implemented  

On April 10, East Palo Alto Police Chief Ron Davis announced a "Crime Emergency" to combat a recent upsurge of crime in East Palo Alto.
See the results of the new crackdown.

Aggressive Recruitment Campaign                          police talk to attendees

The East Palo Alto Police held a recruitment fair on Saturday, March 22 to attract new officers. The accompanying article titled Working to fill vacancies gives more details  


Local Campaign Volunteers Working for Obama       


     Local campaign workers put in hours at Sen.Barack Obama's Palo Alto campaign headquarters.
     Find out what they're doing and why they're doing it.

Dedicating a Plaza          

undreds showed up at the Palo Alto City Administrative Building to dedicate a new plaza.
Get the details.


East Palo Alto City Council Approved Urgency Rent Ordinance.

East Palo Alto City Council approved urgency rent ordinance to place a 6 month moratorium on rent increases. Go here for more details


Dealing with Power Outages

The office of Santa Clara County Supervisor Liz Kniss has sent emails to area residents with steps to take in the event of a power outage. Go here to see the steps.

Fall - Winter 2007

Public Hearings on Romic

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) is seeking public comment on Wednesday, October 10 regarding Romic. Please go here for more details.


October 2007

Public Hearings on Romic

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) is seeking public comment on Wednesday, October 10 regarding Romic. Please go here for more details.

May 2007

The Levee is Fixed

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo was among the first to announce that East Palo Alto's Levee is now fixed. Read her announcement here.

April 2007

New General Manager for the Four Seasons

The Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley at East Palo Alto has a new general manager. Tracy Mercer assumed his new duties at the hotel earlier this month. His last position was as the general manager at the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi, which is a luxury hotel in Japan.

Mercer brings 27 years of experience which he obtained from working in the hospitality industry in several countries. He succeeds Robert Whitfield who is now working for the Four Seasons in Hawaii. Look for more news in the next edition of East Palo Alto Today.

Immigration Raids Bring Grief

32 area congregations call on the U.S. Congress to halt ICE Raids. Click here to see what they are demanding.

March 2007

Local Businesses Win Awards

East Palo Alto's Third Annual Business Expo was greeted with applause and awards. The applause came from those who attended the event which was held Thursday, March 29 at the new East Palo Alto Family YMCA on Bell Street. The awards were given to eight East Palo Alto businesses.

Rick Green, received an award on behalf of Circuit City, which was named the East Palo Alto Corporate Business of the Year. Guillermina Gonzalez accepted an award as the owner of El Galope Tacqueria, which is celebrating its 17th year as the small business which has been in the community the longest.

Six other businesses received monetary awards through Citibank's Women's Awards Program, which is coordinated locally with Start Up. The recipients of the grant awards included: Victoria Estrada of Vision Cleaning Services, Dee Uhila of Pacific Tonga Maa Tonga USA, Maria Hernandez of Salud en Casa Hernandez Cleaning Service, Terry Clark of California Alzheimer's Placement and Resource Service, Ines Alvisar of Decoraciones Alvizar and Henrietta J. Burroughs of East Palo Alto Today and the East Palo Alto Center for Community Media.

In thanking all who participated in the event, Raquel Medina, East Palo Alto's Redevelopment Agency Coordinator said, "Our City, the YMCA, Start UP, The East Palo Alto Belle Haven Chamber of Commerce, our local food providers and our local businesses all benefited from the information and materials you brought to our community.

Find out more in the upcoming issue of East Palo Alto Today.

A Tribute to Mrs. Barbara Mouton

Mrs. Barbara Mouton was the first mayor of East Palo Alto. During her funeral service on March 23, 2007, she was honored as the first mayor of East Palo Alto and as the inspiration for the incorporation of East Palo Alto as a city. Go here to see a slide presentation by Meda Okelo, showing some of those who attended her funeral to pay her tribute.

Should We Be Concerned?

Earthquakes aren't the only natural disasters for which area residents need to prepare. To get information on one more naturally occurring phenomenon that deserves our attention, click here.

New Library for Edison McNair Academy

Wednesday, March 7, 2007 marked a very special day for the students and the administrators at the Edison McNair Academy in East Palo Alto. To find out why, see the inside article on Edison McNair.

February 2007

A Dream Fulfilled

An overflow crowd attended the grand opening of the East Palo Alto Family YMCA. For more details, click here.

A Day to Remember

People came from cities throughout the Bay Area to participate in East Palo Alto's first Peace and Unity March and Rally Saturday, February 3. To read what one East Palo Alto resident had to say about the event, see "East Palo Alto Peace and Unity March and Rally."

The East Palo Alto Community Meets with Dr. Emmett Carson

In a meeting room that was filled to capacity, Dr. Emmett Carson the new CEO and President of the recently merged Silicon Valley Community Foundation, met members of the East Palo Alto community and discussed the foundation's approach to grant-making.

See Community Reception for more details.

Stopping the Violence

Guests on "Stopping the Violence," an upcoming TV Show

East Palo Alto is seeing an upsurge in violence. Click here to get more details on what is being done to calm the immediate situation and stop future incidents.

East Palo Alto Family YMCA Opens to the Public

The East Palo Alto Family YMCA had a successful opening on Saturday, January 20. The parking lot in front of the building was full, and as soon as one car pulled out of a parking space, another one pulled in and family members emerged. "I am really jazzed," said Sharifa Wilson, Chair of the Board of the East Palo Alto Family YMCA. "This building has been 10 years in the making. People are impressed by the quality of the building and the equipment," she said. See YMCA Opening for more details. Click here for information about membership benefits.

A Local Hero

Mrs. Barbara Mouton, East Palo Alto's first elected Mayor, was selected by television station KQED to be a recipient of its Local Heroes Award. Mrs. Mouton was one of six awardees selected by the station in honor of Black History Month which is celebrated in February.

She and the other award recipients will have their profiles presented in sixty second spots throughout the first week in February.

Mrs. Mouton was interviewed at the Community Development Institute by KQED TV producer Jim Yager. She will receive her award at a dinner at KQED on February 6. In speaking about Mrs Mouton, Goro Mitchell, the Executive Director said, "She is a legend.It is an honor to work with her in this community."

January 2007

Newly Released Statistics

East Palo Alto Police release Jan 2007 crime statistics, which continue to show an overall decrease in crime. See chart.

Councilmember Evans Censured

The East Palo Alto City Council finally took action to censure City Councilmember A. Peter Evans. The vote came at the council's meeting the evening of January 9 with Councilmember Evans abstaining. It was the council majority's third try. During the meeting the the East Palo Alto City Council apologized for the conduct and actions that led to Evans censure.

A Call for Unity

Representatives of East Palo Alto's Somoan and Tongan communities held a press conference Thursday, January 11 to announce that they are united in the citywide effort to put an end to youth violence. Speakers at the conference included Mayor David Woods, former Mayor Ruben Abrica, Police Chief Ron Davis and other local leaders. The press conference was held after last month's fatal shooting of 16 year old Maikeli Iongi and 19 year old Melevea Fifita in a separate incident. During the meeting, Samoan Chief Mau said, "This generation is a generation that needs peace in its life. Peace comes from family. We want unity and peace with all races, and all nationalities in East Palo Alto."

See the attached police report about several of the suspects who were arrested in one of the incidents.

December 2006

David Woods Elected East Palo Alto's New Mayor

In a step against tradition, the East Palo Alto City Council voted to elect city council member David Woods as the city's new mayor. The vote was taken at the council's regular Tuesday evening meeting on December 5. Vice Mayor Peter Evans was in line to become mayor, but the council said it was not comfortable electing him as mayor given the possibility that he might be censured, given the harassment charges filed against him. Read more about the election in the upcoming issue of East Palo Alto Today.

It's Now Official

In an official "Statement of the Vote," which was issued on December 5, 2006 Warren Slocum, San Mateo County's Chief Elections Officer, certified the results of the November 7, 2006 Gubernatorial Election. The Statement showed that with 251 votes cast, Ruben Abrica and David Woods were certified as the newly elected East Palo Alto City Council members while John Bostic, Larry James Moody, and Marcelino Lopez were certified as official members of the Ravenswood City School District Governing Board.

Measure C passed with 152 votes yes with 74 no. Measure D was defeated with 182 no votes with 44 yes and Measure E was defeated with 150 no votes to 78 yes votes.

November 2006

Acting School Superintendent Fails to Receive Permanent Appointment

At the urging of several of the Ravenswood City School District's newly elected board members, the Ravenswood trustees decided not to appoint Maria Meza-De La Vega as the school district's permanent superintendent. New board members Larry Moody and John Bostic convinced the trustees before their evening meeting on November 28 to leave the permanent appointment of the district's superintendent for the newly elected board.

A New Tradition is Set.

Amid caroling and cups of hot chocolate, the switch was turned thrown to light the 30 foot Community Tree standing at the entrance to the Four Seasons Hotel in East Palo Alto. Mayor Ruben Abrica said, "This is the beginning of a new tradition. It's so good to see the Four Season's Hotel reach out to the [East Palo Alto] community." Children's choirs representing three groups - African American, Latino and Pacific Island - performed at the event, which was held on Monday, November 27.





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