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Make the Call


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For additional Information:                         Release Date: July 23, 2008
Call Captain Carl Estelle
Ph. 650.464.6831



July 23 – The East Palo Alto Police Department and the Mid-Peninsula Community
Media Center have partnered in the production of a new cable-television series entitled

The first half of the show profiles unsolved homicide cases (cold cases) and feature the
friends and families of murder victims in an effort to humanize the victims, encourage
witnesses to get involved, and elicit information that will help solve these cases. The
series is hosted by former Judge LaDoris Cordell (CBS5 legal analyst).

The second half of the program explores the dynamics that underpin the crimes and
hamper closure of the cases, as well as ways to address those forces. During the first
episode of "Make the Call," police officials, criminal justice experts and community
leaders discuss the “Stop Snitching” culture that intimidates witnesses and hinders the
ability to solve these murders.

Throughout the program, the Police Department will provide its anonymous murder tip
line (1-888-Murder-0 or 1-888-687-3370), and the East Palo Alto Police Department’s Most Wanted will be highlighted between each segment of "Make the Call."

According to East Palo Alto Police Chief Ronald Davis:

Murders are often represented by numbers alone. We can tell you the number of murders each year and identify whether they are up or down. Rarely can we tell you the names of the victims and their life stories. This show will put a human face on the numbers and challenge the conscience of those who possess the information to get involved and “MAKE THE CALL” – BECAUSE NO ONE SHOULD GET AWAY WITH MURDER.

“MAKE THE CALL” premiers tonight, Wednesday, July 23rd, at 9:30 pm on Mid-Peninsula
Cable Channel 27 and will stream simultaneously on the Media Center's website at
<>. Listed below are additional playback times, all on
mid-Peninsula Cable Channel 27. For future airdates, enter “Make the Call” in the Media
Center’s searchable program schedule at

Thu, Jul 24th 12:00am
Thu, Jul 24th 8:00am
Fri, Jul 25th 9:00pm
Sat, Jul 26th 11:00am
Sat, Jul 26th 10:30pm
Wed, Jul 30th 9:30pm
Thu, Jul 31st 12:00am
Thu, Jul 31st 8:00am
Fri, Aug 1st 9:00pm
Sat, Aug 2nd 4:00am
Sat, Aug 2nd 11:00am

Go here to get additional playback times and dates.

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