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Headline Local News in EPA Today

Californians now have more time to obtain Affordable Health Care coverage
The deadline to sign up for affordable health insurance starting January 1, 2015 has been extended. Residents now have until midnight on Sunday, December 21 ....Read more here.

Sen. Jerry Hill announces the 7th there Oughta Be A Law Contest
Do you see things around you that you think could be improved by a new law that you would like to see passed? If so, here's your chance to propose your idea for the new law.....Read more here.

East Palo Alto has new leaders on its city council
The East Palo Alto City Council selected its new mayor and vice mayor during the council's special reorganization meeting on Thursday, December 4, 2014. Click here to see on the East Palo Alto Today Facebook page who the new council leaders are.

Ferguson case highlights need for national data on police shootings
Michael Brown. Rekia Boyd. Oscar Grant. They were all unarmed black youth at the center of high-profile shootings that spurred protests about police use of excessive force and reignited debates about police relations with communities of color....Read more here.

East Palo Alto has a new police chief
It was an announcement that had nothing to do with the November 2014 election, but it was made on election day. East Palo Alto’s Interim City Manager, Carlos Martinez, announced that Albert Pardini is the new chief of the East Palo Alto Police Department...Read more here.

East Palo Alto residents decide on desired attributes of their next city manager
It’s not necessarily easy to give up one’s personal time on a Saturday to attend a city meeting, but 18 East Palo Alto residents did just that from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, October 4.... Read more by clicking here.

San Mateo County officials recommend an early flu shot
Flu season is unpredictable and this year, flu season came early. San Mateo County health officials urge everyone six months and older to get vaccinated early this year....Read more by clicking here.

East Palo Alto gets new interim city manager
The East Palo Alto City Council appointed Carlos Martinez as the interim city manager for East Palo Alto....Read more by clicking here.

Dolores Huerta: Obama was right in delaying action on immigration
Labor leader and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta is standing by President Barack Obama on his decision to delay executive action on immigration ....Read more by clicking here.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier calls on the NFL to immediately change its policy on domestic violence
Of the 56 arrests for domestic violence since Roger Goodell became Commissioner, there have only been suspensions for 13 games. Players continue to play games, even if there is clear evidence for their guilt. To see Congresswoman Jackie Speier address the subject in a House floor speech, click here.

Several weekend shootings in East Palo Alto leave one man dead
Two people were shot and one of them died over the weekend in East Palo Alto. The shooting occurred Saturday near the 1600 block of Michigan Avenue. ...Read more here.

Study: Wealth of Calif. Nonprofits Not Evenly Spread Throughout State
SAN FRANCISCO -- Nonprofit organizations are an economic force in California – as an industry, they’re now the fourth largest employer in the state – but the ones that do work in communities of color and low-income areas have far fewer financial resources....Read more here.

One of East Palo Alto's major parks gets a children's playground
Over the past few weeks, it was hard for anyone who, walked or drove by Bell Street Park, to miss the construction taking place there. This week, the construction in the park took a giant step towards completion....Read more here.

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Top National and International News Stories

Choosing a Health Plan is Hard...

Army orders 21-day quarantine for soldiers on Ebola duty

Featured Articles and Videos

Cal MediConnect: Expanding and Streamlining Healthcare

Participants on Cal MediConnect show
From left, Shelly Grimaldi, Tony Solem, Henrietta J. Burroughs, Thong Le and Maya Altman sit on the set of the Talking with Henrietta television show after their discussion on November 24, 2014. For more information on this show, see below.

A new health program, rolled out under the Affordable Care Act, is designed to bring the public many benefits. What are these new benefits? Find out on this edition of Talking with Henrietta. Click here for more information about this show.

Giving the Gift of Life

Participants in the Giving the Gift of Life discussion
From left, Ayanna Anderson, Marisa Hemenez, Henrietta J. Burroughs, Gilda Gopal and Isabel Stenzel Byrnes sit on the set of the Talking with Henrietta television show after their discussion on November 12, 2014 regarding organ and tissue transplants. See the description below to get more information about this show.

Twenty one people die every day while waiting for an organ donation. Find out why on this edition of Talking with Henrietta. Click here to get further details about this show.

Crime and Punishment: How Will You Vote?

Guests on Prop 47 TV Show
From left, Stacey McGruder, Henrietta J. Burroughs and Raj Jayadev  sit on the set of the Talking with Henrietta television show after the taping of their discussion October 23, 2014 on Prop 47. See below for more information about this show.

One proposition on the California State ballot this November would change how certain criminal offenses are classified. On this edition of Talking with Henrietta, we discuss the pros and cons of Proposition 47 and some of the controversy surrounding it. Get more information about this show by clicking here.

The Math Misplacement of Minority Youth: Why Is It Happening?

Guests on show on math misplacement of minority youth
From left, Dr. Rhonda Hamilton, Sang Hoon Lee, show host Henrietta J. Burroughs and Gina Dalma are shown in this photo after their discussion on the Talking with Henrietta show. Get more details about this show below.

Why are an inordinate number of minority and low-income youth being held back for a second year to repeat algebra, when their test scores show that they shouldn't be? We discuss this issue on the latest edition of Talking with Henrietta. To get more information about our discussion, click here.

Housing the Homeless: How Do We Do It?

Participants on the Housing the Homeless TV Show
From left, Heliena Walton, show host Henrietta J. Burroughs, Tayischa Deldridge and Mother Sheren Champion sit on the set of the Talking with Henrietta television show after their discussion on September 25, 2014. See more show information below.

Finding affordable housing can be a challenging endeavor. Is it even possible to find affordable housing for the homeless? See what show guests say on this edition of Talking with Henrietta. Click here for more information about this show.







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