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Headline Local News in EPA Today

File papers now to run for a seat on the East Palo Alto City Council
Get more details about the two vacant seats on the East Palo Alto City Council that expire in November....Click here to read more details.

East Palo Alto City Council members seek a new city manager
After listening to months of community disapproval, the East Palo Alto City Council decided to replace its current City Manager, Magda González....Read more by clicking here.

A personal tribute: Remembering former State Assembly member Ira Ruskin
Since the inception of the Talking with Henrietta television show, I have interviewed hundres of interesting and engaging people...Read more here.

The East Palo Alto Boxing Club claims the victory
Two fighters from the East Palo Alto Boxing Club win in the 2014 Adidas National Boxing Tournament. See more at the East Palo Alto Today Facebook page. Click here.

Sea rise will bring severe floods to Silicon Valley's eastern edge
EAST PALO ALTO, Calif. – Thirty-year-old Gustavo Leal remembers the floodwaters reaching the doorstep of his family home in East Palo Alto. “It was bad enough that you couldn’t get out of your driveway,” he said....Read more here.

See up-to-date election results
Gov. Jerry Brown was the top vote-getter in Tuesday's primary election. But the vote for Measure AA is still too close to call....Read more here.

Low voter turnout predicted for the June 2014 election
In spite of the campaign literature that was mailed to prospective voters over the past few months, it might be hard to believe that many people might not know that there is a primary election today....Read more here.

East Palo Alto resident to be keynote speaker at local high school graduation
East Palo Alto native Erica Wilson, who has found her life’s passion as a counselor at a residential facility for human trafficking survivors, will deliver the keynote address at the Mid-Peninsula High School graduation on Saturday, May 31, 4:30 p.m....Read more here.

Ethnic voters want environmental protections, but do their lawmakers?
Ethnic minorities in California strongly favor environmental protections, yet their elected representatives -- for the most part – don’t share the same values.....Read more here.

East Palo Alto officials postpone the decision on garage conversions
A  zoning ordinance dealing with garage conversions and secondary units does not seem like an attention grabbing topic. But, judging by the number of residents who packed the East Palo Alto City Council chamber on Tuesday, May 6, the night the ordinance was discussed, the topic is a key one for many in the East Palo Alto community.....Read more here.

Former U.S. Secretary of State appears in Bay Area fundraiser
She has surprised many people with her artistic talents, and she is not considered an average performer. Former U.S. Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleeza Rice, will demonstrate her talents as the featured performer at a concert on May 3, 2014, at Cubberly Theater in Palo Alto.....Read more here.

East Palo Alto tenants sue the nation's largest landlord
Community Legal Services of East Palo Alto sued one of the U.S.' largest publicly-traded landlords, Equity Residential, on behalf of three East Palo Alto tenants.....Read more here.

The Obama Legacy Project: Latino groups launch project to save President Obama's legacy...
It’s been about a year since President Barack Obama stood within a high-school auditorium and declared the “Time is Now“ for immigration reform in this country....Read more here.

Key support for the rights of tenants
In the first step of a two step process, the East Palo Alto City Council unanimously agreed at its April 1 meeting to introduce three new ordinances that will give additional support to the rights of tenants in rental housing within the city. The three ordinances must now be combined into one new ordinance that will be considered for formal adoption by council members at their next council meeting on Tuesday, April 15. See photo from the meeting by clicking EPA Today on Facebook.

Last minute appeal for Covered California registrations
With just days away from the March 31 enrollment deadline, Covered California is partnering with various organizations to host enrollment events at libraries and other venues throughout the Bay Area....Read more by clicking here.

See more news briefs here

Top National and International News Stories

Remembering Maya Angelou

Featured Articles and Videos

Human Rights for Women - A Global Issue

Guests for Human Roghts for Women Show
From left, Chike Nwoffiah, Henrietta J. Burroughs and Sally Lieber are shown in this photo after their discussion on the Talking with Henrietta show. Get more details about this show below.

The abduction of hundreds of schoolgirls in Nigeria raised global issues concerning the status of women. What are some of these issues? To get more information about how this show's guests define the issues, click here.


Crossing the Border - Dealing with a Human Tragedy

Photo from show on Crossing the Border - Dealing with a Human Tragedy
From left, Helen Beasley, Henrietta J. Burroughs and Mariam Kelly sit on the set of the Talking with Henrietta television show after the taping of their discussion on June 26, 2014. See below for more information about this show.

It’s a situation that’s being called a human tragedy and a humanitarian crisis. What’s the current situation that these words describe? Find out on this edition of Talking with Henrietta. Click here for more details about this show.

Mental Illness - Eliminating the Stigma

Guests on Mental Illness show
From left, Veronica Shah, Henrietta J. Burroughs, Christopher Jump and Carmen Lee sit on the set of the Talking with Henrietta television show after the taping of their discussion on the topic of mental illness. Get more details about their discussion below.

The subject of mental illness is filled with myths and misconceptions. So, what are the facts? Find out on this edition of Talking with Henrietta. Go here for more information about this show.


Preserving Our Open Spaces - A Look at Measure AA

Photo of Yoriko Kishimoto and Henrietta J.Burroughs
From left, Yoriko Kishimoto and Henrietta J. Burroughs sit on the set of the Talking with Henrietta television show after their discussion regarding Measure AA. For more information on this show, see below.

Measure AA is an item on the June 2014 ballot that involves three California counties and 300 million dollars? What is the measure about and how will it affect us? Find out on this edition of Talking with Henrietta. Click here for more information about this show.

Increasing Diversity in Corporate America

Guests on TV show on diversity in corporate America
From left, Edmund Harris, Henrietta J. Burroughs and Dr. Joseph Bryant, Jr. sit on the set of the Talking with Henrietta television show after the taping of their discussion May 8, 2014 on diversity in America's boardrooms. See below for more information about this show.

Diversity in America's boardrooms has become a national issue. We discuss this issue on this new edition of Talking with Henrietta. Get more information about this show by clicking here.




   Local Media Coverage, Opinions and Local News

Online Coverage of Local Civic Board Meetings

Pic of City Council   Bd. of Supervisors logo  
East Palo Alto City        San Mateo County
Council meetings           Bd. of Supervisors

EPASD Logo    See the schedule of
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East Palo Alto
Sanitary District

Other Community Videos
Voting on a Hearing to Censure a Board Member

Click here or video to view. Read article which accompanies video


Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

See a video excerpt from East Palo Alto's
celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Click above
image or here to see video.


East Palo Alto's residents have held an annual celebration for 27 years and each year the city's Cinco de Mayo celebration has grown larger. This video excerpt shows some of the elements that have made the celebration the popular event that it is.


EPA Police Collect Guns

East Palo Alto's fourth annual Gun Buyback event was held on Saturday, May 6. Click above image or here to see a video excerpt from the event.

Another way to prevent drug abuse

The East Palo Alto Police Department participated in a Take Back Event to get unwanted medications off the streets. Click here to see a video excerpt about the event or here to read an article about it.

Local residents meet with Facebook representatives

See a video excerpt of a meeting that was held between community members and Facebook representatives. Click above image or here to see excerpt. Click here to read related article.




How News Stories Can Empower Us and Change Our Lives

Confronting our national nightmare

Should states be allowed to secede from the union?

Will the Real Mitt Romney and his True Supporters Please Stand Up

The realities of a Romney, Ryan White House

How I saw President Obama in person

Let's build libraries not jails

NOT a dream come true just a dream deferred

In the bold new world where corporations are king

Becoming a first-class citizen

It's time for "The Discussion"

The consequences of racism

Reinvent East Palo Alto

When are we going to deal realistically with riotous conditions?

A call for more police protection

When will this reflection   change?


Other Community Videos - continued

Willow Oaks Sings

Click image or here to see what happens when students who have never had musical training get 8 weeks of singing lessons.

What are you saying about East Palo Alto

Show host Michael Uhila is shown seated with East Palo Alto resident Robert Hoover. Click image or here to see more.

In the above video, Michael Uhila interviews East Palo Alto resident Robert Hoover about East Palo Alto's past, present and future. Click here to see the schedule for the show.


City residents marched from Gloria
Way along Bay Road to the East Palo Alto Police Department to demand justice.
Click image above or here to see video excerpt. Click article to read about the march.

On Payday Lending Lending
Payday loans are among the riskiest loans for consumers to obtain. This video
shows why. Click image or here to
see the video in English.
  For more information, also see this Talking
with Henrietta video excerpt.

Other Local & National News and Sports

EPA Razorbacks Rugby Players compete in 2012 AIGA Warrior Bowl

East Palo Alto's youth rugby season is starting now

Do you have sports scores you'd like to share or pictures you'd like to add?Email: epatoday@epatoday.org


The Ravenswood Family Health Center received a $5 million grant under the Obama administration's Affordable Care Act. The center is located in East Palo Alto and it has an annex in Menlo Park.

The East Palo Alto City Council voted 4 to 1 to approve the agreement with Facebook that will net the city more than $1 million. The vote to approve the agreement was cast in the council's meeting Tuesday night.

McCain: GOP presidential race is 'nastiest' he's ever seen

Health-care reform is still standing

Low health literacy linked to premature death.





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